Open Source Founders Summit 2024
May 27-28
Paris France

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Picture of Laurent Destailleur

Laurent Destailleur

Founder and CTO


In essence, the Open Source Founder Summit aligns with my goals of promoting open-source software, fostering community collaboration, and pursuing innovation that benefits the wider world.

Laurent Destailleur, also known as Eldy, is a French entrepreneur and open-source software developer, known for his significant contributions to the open-source community (ranked 8th most productive open source developer on He founded and leads several major projects, including AWStats, a web traffic analytics tool in the 2000s, and Dolibarr ERP CRM, an integrated business management solution praised for its ease of use and modularity.

Laurent also created Sell-Your-SaaS, a complete solution built on other OpenSource solutions, to allow companies to deploy their own SaaS software. He contributes to several other projects (Debian packages, Odoo, AWBot, CVSChaneLogBuilder, ...) and encourages engagement through forums and collaborative development platforms. His passion for IT, open innovation, hetical hacking and digital sobriety pushes him to explore all the opportunities of OpenSource.

Laurent is also the founder and CTO of DoliCloud, a SaaS+PaaS platform to offer Dolibarr ERP CRM online.