Open Source Founders Summit 2024
May 27-28
Paris France

The conference about building financially successful and sustainable open source companies.

Do you ever feel like the entire startup ecosystem just doesn’t get your open source company?

Proprietary software founders don’t have to worry about how to build an open source project that’s good enough to be valuable to users — but not so good that it’s impossible to monetize. They don’t have to balance community and customers.

But if you’re building an open source company, those are among your core strategic challenges. OSFS is a no-bullshit place where founders of open source companies can learn from and collaborate with each other to build more successful individual businesses and a stronger ecosystem of open source companies.


How will #05F5 help your business grow?

Get feedback, be inspired, meet your peers, and get unstuck.

Benchmark your performance: See how your company’s stats measure up, which metrics to pay attention to, and how to make those metrics move in the right direction.

Gain new skills: Get concrete strategies and tactics to try out in your business.

Form lasting connections: Build relationships with industry leaders and peers.

Get unstuck: Workshop your specific challenges; get inspired by others’ approaches to similar challenges.

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Who is participating?

The event is for founders of open source companies, big or small.

Expect talks from Thomas di Giacomo (Suse), Frank Karlitschek (NextCloud), Amandine le Pape (Element), Peter Zaitsev (Percona), Pierre Burgy (Strapi), Matt Barker (Jetstack), Garima Kapoor ( and Michael Widenius (MariaDB).

Expect conversations and workshops with leaders from open source companies such as Kiwi TCMS, Matomo, Open Social, Mailvelope, Passbolt, Crowdsec, Gatling, Xwiki, Packagist, Dolicloud, Rudder, FerretDB, Murena, YottaDB, & more...

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Le Loft des Écluses.

159 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris, France. Next to Canal Saint-Martin, in the heart of Paris.

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