Open Source Founders Summit 2024
May 27-28
Paris France

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Frank Karlitschek

Founder and managing director


I think it’s really, really important for founders to share their experience with others. I know that there are some other events where people are more focused on the venture capital side and they’re advocating for open core and other models that I don’t like too much. I really like what you’re doing here, bring together real open source founders to build real open source businesses.

Frank founded the ownCloud project in 2010 to put home users and enterprises back in control of their data. To bring file sync and share technology to the next level and better align to the needs of users and customers he founded Nextcloud in 2016 and has been tirelessly working to realize his vision ever since.


Tuesday, 28 May 2024

09:35 - 09:55

Generating and Converting Leads from OSS Project (talk)

How to generate leads from your open source project, and turn those leads into customers

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