Open Source Founders Summit 2024
May 27-28
Paris France

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David Aronchik



David is the CEO of, the team behind Bacalhau. Bacalhau is a platform for fast, cost efficient, and secure computation by running jobs where the data is generated and stored.

Previously, David steered Open Source Machine Learning Strategy at Azure and spearheaded product management for Kubernetes at Google, including the launch of Google Kubernetes Engine. With a versatile background encompassing Microsoft, Amazon, and Chef, alongside co-founding three startups, David's contributions to technology are multifaceted and impactful. Beyond his professional endeavors, he enjoys skiing, exploring global cuisine, and engaging in enriching activities with his children.


Monday, 27 May 2024

12:05 - 12:10

From Zero to Infinity (talk)

The virtuous cycle of jumpstarting development and community

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